Great product. Fits just perfect in my full size 4 door pickup. Easy to take in and out when I have to haul 2 legged passengers. Great customer service. Thanks.
Mindy, Missouri

Hi Ken & Joan,

Received the EZ Pet Barrier yesterday. Put it together and had it installed in less than 10 minutes. All I can say is LOVE IT, LOVE IT and LOVE IT !!! I have a 2008 Cadillac SRX with a huge panoramic roof and our old barrier couldn't be used because the tension bars went to the roof. I googled "car pet barriers" and must've looked at 20 or more before I came upon your site and boy am I glad I did. This barrier doesn't obstruct the rear view, the dogs like having a clearer view of us and it doesn't rattle or shake at all. And best of all, it's simple in and out. Thank you guys so much for designing a wonderfully "useable" product...we love to take our canine kids along for rides and now it's possible for them to get in the Caddy...before they were relegated to the pick-up !!!
Rebecca V.

"Just wanted to let you know that I have received the pet barrier and just love it. I was able to easily install it in my Mazda Tribute and can see that it will also work in my Ford Expedition.

We took April on a little shopping trip the other day, and she traveled so calm and safe, and we didn’t have to worry about her jumping into the front seat and knocking over beverage cups or damaging electronic wires hooked to our cell phones or GPS units.

You have a great product, Thanks."

This product is excellent! Quick and easy to install and keeps my dog from joining me in the front seat, exactly as stated. Good customer service too - highly recommended! However, if you live in Canada I suggest NOT using UPS to deliver as they collect exorbitant brokerage fees.
Helen H., Vancouver, Canada

Well I just used it for the first time today. A little challenge putting together, due to the side rubber connectors. Then the next challenge using cords. I recommend having more pictures. However, after the first couple of tries;an excellent product. So glad I choose it. I waited till today due to hot weather only. Glad you are looking for feed back!

"Ken and Joan,
We have received and installed the pet barriers (within minutes of opening the boxes). They are perfect. There are no parts to attach to the car, are well made and effective. We live in Seattle and go to the dog park at least 3 times a day. There is a dog beach there, and the barrier is very important to corral the wet beast. This product works exactly as stated, is excellent quality, doesn't cost a gazillion dollars and we wish we'd thought of it.

Thank you."
Sherry and Havis

I bought my first EZ Pet Barrier after researching the market for days. I picked this one as it appeared easy to install and would do the job well. I have yet to regret my purchase. I installed this unit in my 05 Chevy Avalanche. I have used it over a year and have been taking it out and using it in our 02 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD and 08 Jeep Wrangler Limited. Even though it is easy to remove and reinstall it was always in the \"other vehicle\". I went on line after taking the website address off the unit and ordered two more. One for each vehicle. This is by far the best unit on the market today in my opinion. The owners of this business, Ken and Joan Beechie are absolutely awesome to deal with. They are very personable and provide very expeditious service. You can actually talk to a real person on the phone! Can you imagine that these days folks? Thank you for your wonderful invention and believe me when I say \"I will send others in your direction.\"
Donna R., Maine

Perfect. I've been looking for a while for the right barrier. So happy that I have reclaimed the front seat - no longer have to clean dog drool off the windows so that I can see when I'm driving, and most of the dog hair is confined to the back seat. I have a 4-door F250 Super-duty pick-up. Best part, in addition to being simple to install, is that the barrier does not extend from ceiling to floor. Due to the angle of the front seats, a barrier of that sort would take up all of the floor space in front of the back seat so that you couldn't put anything there. Hard to describe without using a photo... Also, my dog (who doesn't usually chew on things) was apparently miffed at being confined to the back, and chewed on the metal barrier when I wasn't in the truck. Just left some tooth marks - would have destroyed a mesh barrier. Excellent customer service. Thank you.
Amy, Libertyville, IL

I was so skeptical that something so inexpensive and simple would contain our rambunctious chow mix. We bought ours almost a year ago. It is terrific. I am so happy we didn't go with something more complex and expensive. It has kept us paw-free from day one. Thanks so much for a great product.
beverly, Steamboat Springs CO

I own a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer, a midsize SUV. I ordered the regular size. Very easy to install but I needed to get creative with the bungee cords and used about 3-4 more than what came with the product. I didn't want to ruin my headliner so didn't want anything that anchored to it. This product fit the bill perfectly and covers all spots that my Lab/Blue Heeler mix escape artists tried to use.
Anita Bryan, Albuquerque, NM

This is the barrier I wanted but did not know existed until I searched the web. Best are no pressure points on the lining of my new Rav4 and cross bars that keep my daughter's Maltese from getting into the passenger area. Barrier arrived even sooner than I expected. Good folks to work with.
carol, pebble beach ca

We just returned from a vacation and listened to your phone message. There was no problem with delivery of the pet barrier and it was in our storage shed waiting for us (compliments of our next door neighbor retrieving it for us) I just "installed' it in my car. There are a few things that I noticed.

I drive a 2010 Ford Explorer and found I do not need to use the extensions. 2) perhaps 4 (four) bungee types cords would work better than 2 (two).

All in all, I really like that it is easily installed and removed, and looks SOOOOO much better than those mesh barriers (that I used for our road trip this time). I don't know how long you have been making/selling these, but the idea is great and with a few tweaks here and there,

THIS IS the pet barrier that animal lovers need! Thank you for creating this. I wish you well in your business. Thank you again
Sandy W.

Not only does the dog barrier fit perfectly in my car but I also use it in my house to keep Ronnie in the laundry room. It's light and easy to handle. Thanks!
Barbara, Gig Harbor

I am so happy with my purchase of 2 EZ Pet Barriers. They were so simple to install in both our car and SUV. I have 3 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who go everywhere we go and this is the only product that they cant jump over or get under. HA!! Thank you for your most awesome product at a great price point as well.
Beth K, United States

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