Dog Barriers For Suvs, And Five Other Dog Travel Tools.

Everyone loves going out on a trip, your dog included! They can be a blast to have along, and it saves you the hassle of worrying about a kennel or a sitter. Before you get your leash and head out to the car though, there are a few things that you should do to make the trip as pleasant and safe as possible. We’ve put together a list of our top things that can make traveling a breeze:
All the items below can be a big help, but you’re going to especially want to think about a pet barrier for car, front seat airbags can kill pets, making it an important safety issue to keep them in the back seat.

Travel Dog Bowl – You’ve got your super-sized iced latte. Make sure your parched pup stays hydrated too by packing a dog travel bowl. Happily slurping without the slopping.

Food & Dog Treats – You wouldn’t want to travel while hungry, would you? Neither would your dog! Just keep an eye on how much they eat, animals can get carsick too.

Dog Cleanup Bags – Always be prepared, these are supplies you won’t want to get caught without.

Dog Car Ramp – Ramps are great for older dogs or smaller dogs, especially if you have an SUV or a pickup truck. It just makes it that much easier to get in and out.

Leash – It’s bad enough when your dog runs off when you’re near home, having that happen in an unfamiliar place is much worse. Having a dog leash handy is the easiest way to keep that from happening.

First Aid Kit – It’s easy to find them or make one yourself, and they don’t cost a lot of money.

Identification Tags – Having your dog get lost is terrible, but if he has the right ID on him, it’ll go a long way towards making sure he finds his way back to you wherever you are.

Pet Barriers for Cars – A pet barrier is the easiest way to keep your pet in the back seat where he belongs. It’s more comfortable for both of you, and safer too. Hit this link to see how a pet barrier works, and how easy they can be to install.

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