Our PET BARRIER Easily Installs in almost any Vehicle.

Your pet may be your best friend but they don’t make good driving companions. Dogs, we just love them but we need to keep them safe while on the road. The new EZ Pet Barrier adjusts to any car, truck or van seat. It’s strong, quiet and easy to pop in or out.

It’s versatility makes it the only pet barrier you’ll ever need to buy! Can be moved from a small car to an SUV or a truck if needed. Compare our EZ Pet Barrier to the ZooKeepter Pet Barrier.* The EZ Pet Barrier is similar in design, but easier to assemble and costs less!

Works Great in Everything from Two Door Cars to Trucks to SUVs:

  • We make a metal tubing pet barrier that moves with your seats
  • EASY to install
  • No tools needed
  • The design allows seat movem ent and easy backseat access
  • Engineered in the USA.
  • Our pet barrier is free standing. it doesn’t even touch the roof or the floor. Makes a Good Gift!
  • We now ship internationally. Email us the address information for an estimate of the shipping costs.

    ez pet barrier

    * We are not affiliated in any way with the ZooKeeper Pet Barrier.

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